Three Phone Apps Every Gearhead Just Has To Have!


Can you remember what it was like, when you couldn’t call the shop from the Track? Seems impossible that there was a time without Mobile, and more importantly a time without iPhone, iPad or Android! Not only do these wonders of the 21st Century keep us in touch, they also feed our hunger for information and entertainment on-the-move.

How to load car apps

With the thousands of apps available which are the top three gearhead phone apps that make your day? Well here’s my selection:

Vlingo – iOS, Android

How to load Vlingo appEven though we often lament our safety-obsessed society, sometimes it gets things right. No one’s going to argue that typing on your phone when driving means you aren’t going to see if little Johnny runs out into the road in front of you.

Fortunately, with Vlingo you can dictate text messages, search the web, find that nearest petrol station or dial a number with your voice – without taking your eyes off the road.

Using this free personal assistant all you need do is dictate commands. Like; “find First Avenue,” or “Text Jill. Message:, question mark,” and Vlingo will initiate the action, using the app it thinks can do the job. Part of the appeal is that Vlingo is hands-free, although that’s not 100 percent accurate, as you do need to tap your iPhone’s screen to start and stop your voice input (or you can hold and release the screen).

Accuracy will vary, depending on how much of an accent you have, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Take Me To My Car – iPhone/iPod Touch

How to load Take me to My Car AppWhen I first came across this I thought someone had read my mind and granted me a wish! For something weighing a ton or so, it’s incredibly easy to misplace a car, which is why Take Me To My Car is a stroke of genius.

You simply let it know when you leave your car (for example, when you’ve just parked) and when you need to find it again, just follow the map and directions to find it. Hell, even Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t get into trouble with this.

This free App requires a 3G network connection, so underground car parks, multistoreys and the most rural areas could still see you loosing your wheels, but for everything else it’ll have you reunited with your ride in no time. Unless of course, it’s been towed away.

And finally; an App that’s really only there to impress other gearheads.

Motorsport Pocket Book – iPhone

How to load pocket book appIf you’ve ever wanted to establish yourself as a “know it all” of motorsport terminology, then this 99 cent motorsport app has your name written all over it.

The more than 225 terms are organized alphabetically in a searchable index. Once you’re reading about a Motorsport Term in the Motorsport Pocket Book App, you can easily switch to another, using Quick Switcher wheel to instantly scroll between them.

The app also comes with an overview of the topic you’re interested in. So you can learn all about the subject before delving into specific terms! And once you find the terms that impress on a regular basis, these can be bookmarked so you can recall them without missing a beat.

If you’re not yet using Apps, I highly recommend you get started. There’s no better way to while away those wasted minutes stuck in traffic, than to catch up on news, brush up on your knowledge or keep track of that pesky car in the parking lot!


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