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Attack of the Chinese Tesla Clones

If there’s one place you can knock the Tesla Model S, a car so good it “broke” Consumer Reports’ rating system, it’s cost. The electric sedan is crazy expensive, starting at $71,000 and topping six figures fully loaded. The Model X SUVunveiled last month runs $143,000 decked out with a nice trim package. To temper […]

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The innovators: Skeleton car that is driving open-source design

OSVehicle hopes Tabby Evo electric car, which can be constructed in an hour, will be embraced by aid agencies and universities, among others In the chaos that ensues after a natural disaster, getting vehicles to aid workers for transporting refugees and supplies can be impossible as roads are frequently blocked. An alternative, says Yuki Liu, […]

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Halloween toothless hag grill

Here’s The Pitch To Woo Elon Musk’s Next Big Factory To France

In January, Elon Musk joked that Alsace may be the best location for Tesla Motors’ planned factory in Europe. By choosing such a culturally blended region — a place that’s alternately been controlled by France and Germany — the electric automaker could please everyone. “This is idle speculation, but maybe we can put a factory in […]

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Tesla Model 3 front end

Even Tesla Fanatics Are Shocked By Model 3 Preorders

Elon Musk reveled this weekend in the tidal wave of preorders Tesla Motors received for the company’s first affordable car, the Model 3, which debuted March 31. By Saturday night, the electric automaker pulled in an eye-popping 276,000 orders for the $35,000 vehicle, each with a $1,000 deposit, the billionaire chief executive said on Twitter. […]

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