Skyline GTR car review

The sun rises on a Supercar from the East – The Nissan-GTR

On the twilight-zone streets of Tokyo, under  shimmering and winking lights of the street-racing brigade, the sacred words are not Ferrari or Porsche. No it’s GTR that’s whispered in reverence or screamed in the heat of the moment. And why not? It’s faster than a Ferrari 458 Italia around that nasty little circuit known as […]

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When airbags don’t save lives – the Tenkata story.

Since Ralph Nader’s controversial book “Unsafe at Any Speed” was published over 40 years ago, seat belts, padded dashboards, collapsible steering columns, improved bumpers and other safety features have become standard fitment. All in an endeavor to save lives. After seat belts, the most significant advance in automotive safety has been the airbag. Gas-inflated airbags […]

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360° Sensors give autonomous cars vision.

The concept of the autonomous vehicle has been around for decades: In 1977, the Tsukuba mechanical engineering laboratory in Japan built a prototype that drove a special course, following white markings, at up to 30 km/h; while in 1980, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a vision-guided van that achieved speeds of up to 100 km/h on streets with […]

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The car writer loves fast cars and aeroplanes

Smaller is better

Despite the growing trend towards electrification of the drive train, internal combustion engines still remain the predominant form of propulsion for vehicles, and are set to do so for many years to come. This creates some pretty daunting challenges for the automotive industry: • Internal Combustion engines need to comply with ever tightening emissions standards […]

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