Autonomous Ford Fusion

Congratulations on the birth of little Foogle!

It’s no secret that Ford Motor Corporation are serious about self-driving cars; not only have they made huge investments in their own autonomous vehicle (And ADAS) development program, but recently announced an additional investment of $4.5 billion to bring 13 new electric cars to market by 2020 along with expanding research into batteries: Electrification is […]

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Marchione can reduce product development costs

2015 an “Annus Horribilis” for the automotive industry?

If vehicle sales were to be the measure of industry success, then 2015’s performance would probably receive a BBB rating (medium class companies, which are satisfactory at the moment) from rating agency Fitch. Globally the auto industry was faced with and had to adjust to very large and widespread exchange rate movements, commodity and raw […]

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How to rally a Subaru in Corsica

Five Ways Rally Drivers Are The Best In Auto Racing.

The banshee wail of a high performance engine echoing through the streets of Corsica, mixed with the roar of the fanatical supporters, mere inches away from the metallic blue Subaru is a picture etched in many Rally drivers’ minds. This classic portrait also leads to heated debates within the highly opinionated auto racing fraternity. The […]

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How to load car apps

Three Phone Apps Every Gearhead Just Has To Have!

Can you remember what it was like, when you couldn’t call the shop from the Track? Seems impossible that there was a time without Mobile, and more importantly a time without iPhone, iPad or Android! Not only do these wonders of the 21st Century keep us in touch, they also feed our hunger for information […]

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Car review of Porsche 911 GT3

Ferry’s best Porsche

If Mr Spock had seen a Porsche 911 in 1964 and then returned again for a bit of R&R in 2007, he would have no difficulty in recognising a Porsche 911 as being….. well, a Porsche 911! The 2007 GT3 is no different, and carries the lineage of the original 1973 Ducktailed Carrera RS, complete […]

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Ariel Atom 160 Engine

The real world of emissions testing.

  Currently, fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission values for new cars in Europe are determined using a type-approval process, which involves testing vehicles under laboratory conditions. In the automotive industry laboratory testing is common place for a number of reasons, including standardization and repeatability. On face value this would seem to be a good […]

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