The connected world affords small businesses cost effective marketing and sales opportunities that allow them to compete with much larger corporations. Taking advantage of this, many companies and organizations wish to achieve page one rankings in the popular search engines such as Google and Bing; in order to do this they require the services of a SEO proficient writer/ copywriter.

Sean oDonel CEO of Habot OilI have seen significant increases in web traffic using this strategy: Oil company Habot Oil realised an increase from 65 visitors to 1500 visitors a month over a period of 9 months.

“The benefits of creating optimised content can clearly be measured by the increased enquiries stemming from site visits; with people making regular reference to the website. I am happy with and encouraged by the progress.”
…Sean O’Donel, CEO Habot Oil

Of course editorial copy is very closely linked to SEO; Once the reader is on the page the message had better be good Copywriting for Fleet Crew mining vehiclesand delivered in punchy contextual text. This form of writing is a little less technical in content and extends the writing skills. I have produced many pieces of copy that companies have put to good use;such as the piece for Australian Fleetcrew Mining vehicles.