When I was a lad, I believed that a Bentley came from the shop with Geeves already plugged in and ready to serve. I also believed that the car was probably that bad that you had to pay someone to drive it. I mean; anything the size of a London bus can’t be much fun to drive.

Bentley Flying Spur

VW finally achieved what the Axis armies never could; they conquered a piece of England and in return breathed new life into Bentley. After the continental GT, the overall clad gents at Crewe fitted another 2 doors to create the Flying Spur. Not only does it share similar styling, but the Spur also carries over the glorious 6lt W12 with 560 very healthy horses.

Driving all four wheels through a ZF six speed automatic transmission, this very large lady sure can sprint. From a standing start she’ll get her 2400kg rump to 100km/hr in a shade under five seconds: And that’s not where it ends. Geeves could flash past you on the Autobahn at over 320km/h without ruffling his starched white shirt.

With conservatively placed style lines and a front end that could have been grafted from a Jag or even a Rover, the styling is more functional than artistic. I doubt very much whether you’ll find a group of enthusiasts drooling all over the bonnet, but nevertheless the Spur is definitely a crowd puller. Standing on agricultural sized 20” wheels, over 5m long and almost as wide as a parking bay, you cannot ignore a Spur – even more so when dressed in Black.

Bentley flying spur interior

The exterior might not be everyone’s cuppa, but the interior is straight out of Seville Row. Pure class! The beige leather is crisp, and compliments the image of class created by the Black exterior, while the rosewood inserts and Breitling clock would have the Royals clucking in their tea cups. Bentley says it takes 5 hours to finish trimming the hand-lacquered wood and double-stitched-leather steering wheel! Well lads, I for one appreciate the effort. But the luxury doesn’t stop there. The driver and front passenger get 16-way power seats that can even massage your back after a hard day at the Bank.

So, in the Spur you get quality, status, comfort and performance all blended into a package that costs half of it’s ex-cousin. Oh… and Geeves only gets to drive on Sundays.