When you first set eyes on this two wheeled work of art, or more accurately; when you leer at the object of your pent-up desire, the sheer beauty of purpose transports you to another world. One of 102 octane fuel, umbrella girls and fast machinery. It’s natural. It’s the way of the world…. It’s the Desmosedici RR!


The owner, who will have to cough up an Italian villa’s price for this svelte machine, gets a road bike that is as close as dammit to Casey Stoners track machine. Much of the design work was overseen by Alan Jenkins, who also penned the racebike, so the lineage is easily identified. This race theme is carried through to the beautifully crafted tubular steel trellis frame and massive swingarm.

Ducati Desmosedici RR

Get closer to the beautiful Doe eyed RR, and you realise Ducati have built a serious Superbike. From the 43 mm upside-down Öhlins FG353P pressurised forks, to the 4into2into1 exhaust system that exhausts vertically under the rear tailpiece. While this could give a whole new meaning to the hotseat, everything is adequately cooled down through the use of a carbon ceramic heatshield. Like any motorcycle claiming a racing heritage this thoroughbred bristles with space-age materials: Marchesini forged Magnesium alloy wheels, Titanium connecting rods and fully clothed in Carbon fibre body work.

Desmosedici engine

The engine, although hidden is really what turns this Senora into the passionate Tiger that can make a grown man weep. In order to produce those very healthy 200 Bolognese ponies, the one piece billet crank has to spin up to over 14,000 RPM. With four 50 mm Magneti Marelli throttle bodies, fuel is fed at a rate that has OPEC considering a customer loyalty programme. Not that this machine is environmentally evil, it meets Euro 3 emission standards.
So Mr Stoner, can we pass you your helmet …..