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Unlike most automotive and industry technical writers, my passion and first-hand experience of the world of automotive engineering that I write about affords me an unequaled opportunity to share with the audience the story within the story.

As a passionate automotive engineer I have firsthand experience of the design, development, manufacturing and servicing environments of both Original Equipment Manufacturers and first tier suppliers.

Peter writes for Automotive IQCustomer Brief: “We have an industry conference in March 2014 on engine downsizing and turbocharging technology. For this article, it would be great to focus on some of the up and coming technologies for turbos and the role they play in engine downsizing.”

Customer Feedback/ Comments: “This article was a bit different from our usual requests for the writer and he delivered superbly. We always get a high quality product as this writer clearly is passionate about the subject matter. In this case, the article focused on a current event in the auto industry and assessed public reaction from an engineer’s point of view.”
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This insight to the industry affords me a unique perspective when conducting research and writing articles about the industry I, and millions of people around the world, are passion about. Herein lies the significant difference between my service and those offered by most organizations and other writers: Not only do I have a passion for the industry which I am able to communicate to any audience, I present my topics with authority and understanding that stems from wide ranging hands-on experience.

Initially offering Search Engine Optimisation services, I began creating content as a means to improve website rankings: Back then it was relatively easy to achieve page one results – even with mediocre content. With Google refining its algorithms and introducing machine-learning, content creation has become synonymous with on-page SEO! Sub-standard content no longer achieves rankings.

Peter Writes for VAG SingaporeCustomer Brief: The article I would like you to write is: VAG Air Intakes by dbilas dynamic. Remember that this is a single article for all models within the Audi and VW range, and should be optimized for search.

Customer Feedback/ Comments: “Another job well done, this is the 4th article Peter has done for us and we are extremely satisfied. He takes the time to understand the product (not easy – specific automotive application knowledge is required), asks pertinent questions that shows he is researching in detail, and most of all, is open to feedback and very quick to make adjustments. You can see some of his work on our website at”
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As the demand for quality content increased I quickly found a niche creating superior content for companies wanting to provide exceptional technical information to their readers. It’s a well known fact that quality service will guarantee return business, and I soon found myself writing regular articles for seminars presented to first tier suppliers and OEM’s in Europe and America.

Peter writes for Automotive IQCustomer brief: Our company often does conferences on apps, HMI etc. and we have a conference coming up on “Connected Vehicles” which brings together some of these niche subjects.

We’ve never done an article that focuses on what is technically feasible at the moment for car-car communications, assesses the shortcomings and then remarks on what would be needed (again from a technical perspective) to achieve truly connected vehicles.

Customer Feedback/ Comments: “We are very fortunate to work with this writer. He’s always up to the task of researching very technical subjects and bringing them to life for an audience already familiar with the topic but still needing to gain insight into future developments and directions that the technology could go. ”
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There are many great story tellers out there, but as an engineer I aim to add unequaled value by sharing unique information with my audience. The quality content I create invites interaction from my readers, who often seek further information, technical advice or even request an interview.

Winn Hardin

I was reading your July article on on the 48V electrification movement/standard, and was wondering if you might spare a few minutes to discuss the same for an article to appear on

…Winn Hardin, MD, TECH B2B Marketing

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