Industry commentary

After building a successful research and writing relationship with IQ Automotive I was invited to contribute a monthly column focusing on current events taking place on the Global Automotive stage:

IQ Automotive editor Will Hornick

“Another top-notch experience with this knowledgeable writer. He presented some cutting-edge technology for this month’s column and we are looking forward to publishing it on the site.”

…Visit the IQPCGermany monthly spotlight on the industry.

The column is not merely a factual record of what’s taking place in the industry: I try to add an educated personal take on what’s happening. An example of this was my early analysis of the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal.

VW Dieselgate

With in-depth research and an understanding of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and the legacy left behind by Lopez, I was able to piece together the actual sequence of events as well as the root cause of the debacle: My summation was confirmed during the official VW press conference.

My commentary doesn’t always look at controversial topics; I also offer insights into the working of the industry – such as an insight into how many of the Chinese Auto manufacturers bring new models to market.

The safest car in America catches fire

I’ve also had a look at Elon Musk’s response to the first eventful Tesla fiery crashes in 2013, as well as the company’s results 12 months after the potentially harmful publicity.

I find restrained personal commentary elicits healthy comment and debate that even a well researched technical report rarely generates: Traditional news publications have always used tools such as “The editors forum” or “From the editors desk” to tap reader engagement, and in some rare cases even cultivate a following.

Interview with IHS on 48V electrification

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