How to articles

With the car niche being one of the largest online markets there’s a huge opportunity to supply DIY and “how to” solutions to knowledge starved enthusiasts. Well researched and written articles are often a surefire key to a captive audience that keeps coming back for more, and better still; ‘sites providing this information are amazingly simple to monetize.

However, many owners make the mistake of employing no-native speaking writers with no understanding of the topic they’re about to write. Then when the content is ordinary (at best) and the ‘site fails there’s much debate around “why”. It’s quite simple theres a huge difference between value for money and CHEAP!

I write how to articles for the gearhead divaI run an automotive site that is looking to become an authority on the internet for automotive information with a strong focus on technical automotive repair to help the Do it yourself community just trying to save money on repairs then can handle themselves.

In closing I would expect these articles to be considered some of the best on the internet and worth bragging about and being proud of to your friends and family.

How to adjust the drive beltsWith this in mind I have created content for several blogs and websites on topics as diverse as “5 Chassis tuning tips for racers” to installing an amplifier and painting your car.

What appears to be obvious to the experienced enthusiast is often an unfathomable task to a newbie, so I am able to scale it down so that the information is not lost in technical jargon when all the reader wants to do is adjust the drive belts or change the oil filter.

The skill to write successful DIY and how-to articles aimed at the enthusiast is quite different, but with a deep understanding of and passion for cars it’s not at all difficult to inform and entertain this sector.