Automotive eBooks

eBooks used as giveaways to build lists or visitor loyalty are excellent value for money traffic drivers. If the writer researches the topic and puts together an entertaining informative production this is one of the best tools to tap into qualified traffic.

Emerson Bearings eBook

An excellent example of this is an eBook that Emerson Bearing promote on their site. Not only is it well presented with useful information but it’s a publication that users perceive as being high quality. I spent quite a bit of time researching the topic, as I’m more of a vehicle engineer – not so much of a component engineer. However I do think the publication does justice to the topic.

I have also researched and written an eBook on the history and application of the Ford T5 Transmission for Gearbox who promote this on their website.

The book, used to encourage potential customers through offering quality, informative information, traces the history and technical specifications of this iconic transmission; often considered the stalwart of the kit car industry.

Bearing kits UK use my servicesGood copy about a very niche/ old topic delivered in short time.”

Excerpts of the book can be found over here.