My Portfolio.

Who are my customers?

My customer base comprises companies and individuals looking for high quality, unique information that is well presented to their target market. This is not merely content to fill out whitespace, but rather well researched information presented with th e perspective on an enthusiastic industry insider: This information is written to the level of the audience, thereby ensuring total engagement.

I strive to build up a relationship with my customers, thereby enabling me to gain an insight into their objectives and style of business. Approximately 45% of my work is repeat business.

Peter writes for Automotive IQOne such company, Automotive IQ, a division of IQPC, is an international online platform focusing on providing automotive industry professionals with a central resource  on topics such as Powertrain, Electrics/Electronics, Chassis Systems and Car Body & Materials.

Dedicated to creating a learning environment for sharing best practices and finding solutions to challenges within the automotive industry, my relationship with this professional, innovative company was forged in 2011 and has grown into a strong partnership.

However, the acid test of a well written, clearly thought out report or article can only be measured in audience engagement: That’s why, with an audience of over 40,000, my articles regularly feature in the top five most read content.

 I generate 40% of the most read content appreciated by 40,000 industry professionals

Most read content in Feb 2017

Articles four and five are most read content in February 2017

Most read IQPC in March 2017

Articles one and five are most read content in March 2017

Why do professionals seek out my services?

I use my technical training and experience relating to cars and the industry that creates them to inform and entertain my target audience with well researched, interesting material as seen through the eyes of an articulate automotive engineer.

With a passion for my subject matter,  I’m able to produce content that enthralls and educates all levels of professionals and enthusiasts; from the automotive design engineer, interested in learning about future technical trends, to the petrol-head who wants an expert review of the latest supercar… and everything in between.

The car writer loves fast cars and aeroplanes

Whilst entertaining my audience with a well researched story I’m always mindful that my primary objective is to inform: The measure of my success in achieving this, can be gauged by the number of companies and professionals that have reached out to me with requests for assistance or even interviews, seeking my opinion on specific technologies or events.

Research into emerging automotive technologies.

I have written numerous articles, ranging from brochures for performance products and services to highly technical reports on cutting edge automotive technology and “how-to” articles on car restoration and repair.

With my automotive engineering background I have gained a reputation for creating well researched technical automotive articles and reports targeted at industry professionals. I regard this as my core business and an area where I have a clear advantage over other technical writers.Autelligence quality reportsMy technical reports are more than a consolidation of facts presented in an interesting and informative format – I blend my automotive OEM and first tier supplier management experience with my technical training to offer insights into trends and technologies set to influence the industry: These insights are valuable to any automotive professionals looking for a thoroughly researched report with educated views on the future.

You can find a few examples of my research and reports over here…

IQ Automotive editor Will Hornick“We are very fortunate to work with this writer. He’s always up to the task of researching very technical subjects and bringing them to life for an audience already familiar with the topic but still needing to gain insight into future developments and directions that the technology could go.”
… IQPCGermany

Repeat customers include: European automotive events and seminar facilitator, Automotive IQ; automotive suspension supplier, Airlift and Performance tuning house VAG Singapore, Swiss pressure sensor manufacturer STS and online publication ‘Robotics Trends’.

Reviews and road tests.

This is probably the most rewarding aspect of my writing – the culmination of the technical masterpieces in their environment: Driving and reviewing cars on the road. I have been the Ghost writer for what has been billed the most exclusive bespoke car book of all time: “Boys and their expensive toys”. A compilation of road tests of supercars, this limited print coffee-table book was sold to several F1 drivers and well known automotive personalities.

You can find a few examples of my reviews and road tests over here…

A particularly challenging assignment, this book was written WITHOUT ever having driven any of the cars: This required intensive research and interpretation of the likely characteristics of each car, based on my technical experience.

Boys and their expensive toys Tim Sommers“Great piece and you nailed the exhaust! I like the idea of you doing a piece or two from the riders/drivers perspective. Maybe for the Radical and/or Atom, with a Jeremy Clarkson slant. WRT locations. I need you to put either a Philip Island or Eastern Creek bent on it.”
…Tim Sommers

Industry commentary.

After building a successful research and writing relationship with IQ Automotive I was invited to contribute a Matthias Marx IQPCmonthly column focusing on current events taking place on the Global Automotive stage. This is not merely a historical recording of the events, but rather an interpretation of the facts in context to the working of the industry.

You can read some of my thoughts on industry events over here…

“Another top-notch experience with this knowledgeable writer. He presented some cutting-edge technology for this month’s column and we are looking forward to publishing it on the site.”

Interacting with the automotive community.

There are many great story tellers out there, but as an engineer I aim to add unequaled value by sharing uniquemany great story tellers out there, but as an engineer I aim to add unequaled value by sharing unique information with my audience. The quality content I create invites interaction from my readers, who often seek further information, technical advice or even request an interview.often seek further information, technical advice or even request an interview.

It’s a humbling experience to be approached for an interview, but moreover the platform I often share with recognised industry professionals often brings unexpected reward in the form of extra reach for the original article.

Winn Hardin You can access a transcript of the interview over here…

“Can’t thank you enough for sharing your expertise in this area. Hope I get to shake your hand personally someday soon.”enough for sharing your expertise in this area. Hope I get to shake your hand personally someday soon.”

…Winn Hardin, MD, TECH B2B Marketing

Online copywriting and Search Engine Optimisation.

The connected world affords many companies and organizations wish to achieve page one rankings in the popular search engines such as Google and Bing; in order to do this they require the services of a SEO proficient writer/ copywriter.

Read some examples of copy that have impressed my customers…

Sean oDonel CEO of Habot Oil“I have seen significant increases in web traffic using this strategy: Oil company Habot Oil realised an increase from 65 visitors to 1500 visitors a month over a period of 9 months.”

“The benefits of creating optimised content can clearly be measured by the increased enquiries stemming from site visits; with people making regular reference to the website. I am happy with and encouraged by the progress.”
…Sean O’Donel, CEO Habot OilHabot OilHabot OilHabot Oil

Automotive eBooks I have written.

Over and above the eBook compilation of reviews and road tests mentioned above, I have also researched and written promotional eBooks for companies wishing to optimise online customer engagement.

Emerson Bearings eBook

See more examples of eBooks I have written.

An excellent example of this is an eBook that Emerson Bearing promote on their site. Not only is it well presented with useful information but it’s a publication that users perceive as being high quality. I spent quite a bit of time researching the topic, as I’m more of a vehicle engineer – not so much of a component engineer.

How-to articles.

A little known fact is that the car/ automotive online niche is consistently in the top 5 of online search volume. Many of these searches are on finding out how to do motoring stuff: Change oil, fit an amplifier, paint your car, how to drive a car on the race track… and many more you would never think possible.

I see these articles as critical in informing people that maybe do not have much experience on fixing or operating cars. This in itself is a challenge: Whereas I’m usually interacting with an audience of enthusiasts and engineers I have to convey a fairly technical concept in terms that are easy to understand yet descriptive.

What do you think about these how-to/ DIY articles…

I write how to articles for the gearhead divaAlthough I own a car-site and love cars, I really don’t have a lot of know-how or experience. Peter has been invaluable in guiding me through the startup of the site: Everything from suggesting topics to well written informative content that my readers love

…The Gearhead Diva