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British insurers: ‘Give us driverless car data’ – BBC News

Image copyright Getty Images Driverless car technology seems to be advancing at breakneck speed – but the changes this will mean for the rules of the road are proceeding at a slower pace. Now the insurance industry is calling on carmakers to provide more data showing who was at fault in accidents involving driverless vehicles. […]

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What We Know About Fridays Massive East Coast Internet Outage

Friday morning is prime time for some casual news reading, tweeting, and general Internet browsing, but you may have had some trouble accessing your usual sites and services this morning and throughout the day, from Spotify and Reddit to the New York Times and even good ol’ For that, you can thank a distributed […]

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Major cyber attack disrupts internet service across Europe and US

Denial of service attack from unknown culprits on domain name system company Dyn caused access to be severely restricted for users on Friday US officials are investigating multiple attacks that caused widespread online disruption on both sides of the Atlantic on Friday. The Department of Homeland Security has begun an investigation into the DDoS (distributed […]

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They blocked Netflix, but regulating insecure smart devices is a ‘last resort’

A computer display showing a live visualization of the online phishing and fraudulent phone calls across China during the 4th China Internet Security Conference (ISC) in Beijing. It seems the banal world of baby monitors and webcams is all it takes to bring down our most popular websites these days. So, what should we do […]

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Company Says Flying Hybrid Car Could Be In The Skies By 2018

While the widespread use of electric cars is still on a slow but steady (and impressively quiet) rise, a Massachusetts-based company has said it will be able to produce asemi-electric, self-driving, flying car in just two years’ time. Terrafugia has said it will produce a fully working prototype of the TF-X flying car by 2018, […]

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Your Fears About The Coming Robot Revolution Might Be Overblown

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The robots are coming! The robots are coming! But maybe that’s OK. Rob High, IBM’s chief technology officer for Watson, on Saturday urged an audience of industry elites, academics and press to consider how artificial technology should improve — rather than replace — the human experience. Artificial Intelligence can help people became more […]

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Henrik Fisker Is Starting a Namesake Car Company Again

Henrik Fisker has re-launched his namesake company, he told Bloomberg. The charismatic Dane said his newly minted Fisker, Inc. will showcase a premium, all-electric vehicle in the second half of 2017. On a private phone call Monday he called it a spiritual successor to the Fisker Karma electric car he launched in 2012. We have really been working […]

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Tesla’s software update might save the lives of pets left in the car

A 17 inch touchscreen is featured in the Model S electric sports sports sedan Image: The Christian Science Monitor/Ann Hermes/AP A few weeks after Elon Musk revealed the updates coming to the brand’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving feature, Tesla officially detailed the software 8.0 update Thursday morning. Along with Autopilot changes, Tesla has reworked the media […]

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Samsung in Talks with Fiat Unit

After Samsung Electronics Co.s success in selling components for rivals smartphones, Vice Chairman Lee Jae Yong is considering a similar strategy for the world of automobiles. Samsung is in advanced talks to buy assets of auto-parts maker Magneti Marelli from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, according to people familiar with the matter. Its particularly interested in […]

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How Bugatti Crafted the Chiron, the Worlds Last Truly Great Car

Wolfgang Durheimer watches closely as I wipe my feet. Its raining here in Molsheim, and weve just crossed the opulent grounds of Bugatti’s estate to the atelier, where the world’s most exclusive automobile is meticulously assembled. Durheimer, the head of the company, is not about to let me track in any mud. I understand why […]

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