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Automotive EMC testing

EMI challenges in connected vehicles.

In a world of instant connectivity drivers have become accustomed to receiving information about traffic conditions and potential hazards, whether by listening to a traffic report on the radio, viewing a connected GPS map to see if there are slow-downs ahead, or checking a smartphone app that tracks reports from other drivers who have seen accidents, […]

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Autonomous Ford Fusion

Congratulations on the birth of little Foogle!

It’s no secret that Ford Motor Corporation are serious about self-driving cars; not only have they made huge investments in their own autonomous vehicle (And ADAS) development program, but recently announced an additional investment of $4.5 billion to bring 13 new electric cars to market by 2020 along with expanding research into batteries: Electrification is […]

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360° Sensors give autonomous cars vision.

The concept of the autonomous vehicle has been around for decades: In 1977, the Tsukuba mechanical engineering laboratory in Japan built a prototype that drove a special course, following white markings, at up to 30 km/h; while in 1980, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a vision-guided van that achieved speeds of up to 100 km/h on streets with […]

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