The author pictured with the "il Mostro" Alfa RomeoI am an automotive engineer who enjoys sharing my passion for the modern motor car. I apply my understanding of the car, and experience of the industry that produces this ever evolving wonder of the modern world, to entertain and inform my audience.

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My automotive Industry Experience.

As a teenager growing up in South Africa, I was drawn to motorcycles and cars; in particular the performance and race versions.

This was the era of South African motorcycle world champions such as Jon Ekorold and Kork Ballington; Formula One world champion Jody Scheckter and Daytona 24 Hour winners Sarel van der Merwe, Tony Martin and Graham Duxbury.

But lesser known technical genius’ Gordon Murray and Rory Byrne and legendry Ducati designer Pierre Terblanche were also having a profound impact on motorized transport with their cutting edge designs.

With this heritage I set my heart on qualifying as an Engineer in the isolated South African Automotive Industry. This was a time where, due to the isolation created by Apartheid, engineers were able to create vehicles that were often superior to those offered by parent OEM’s.

Vehicles such as the Nissan Skyline GT and the awesome BMW 333i Shadowline were engineering masterpieces.

After qualifying in the early 1980’s I was schooled by some of the local industry’s best engineers at Nissan South Africa’s Product Development division.

With a solid engineering foundation I spent the next 30 years exploring the local industry in areas as diverse as engine and suspension design and development, road testing and after sales service: This experience gained with companies such as Toyota, Nissan, Daimler Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Alfa and Ferrari.

The global financial disaster of 2008/ 2009, at which time I was consulting and importing a technical product for the industry, motivated me to apply my skills to an online business.

Telling My Story.

In 2010 I wrote my first Search Engine Optimised article for a commercial website on white goods. Within a few weeks I was inundated with requests, allowing me to cherry pick assignments that I was passionate about; Technical Automotive Articles, car reviews and reports.

My skill and experience relating to cars and the industry that creates them is now put to use providing my target audience with well researched, interesting material as seen through the eyes of an articulate automotive engineer. By so doing I’m able to produce content that enthralls and educates all levels of professionals and enthusiasts; from the automotive design engineer, interested in finding out about future technical trends, to the petrol-head who wants an expert review of the latest supercar… and everything in between.

Whilst entertaining my audience with a well researched story I’m always mindful that my primary objective is to inform: The measure of my success in achieving this, can be gauged by the number of companies and individuals that have reached out to me with requests for assistance  or even interviews, such as the one below, seeking my opinion on specific technologies or events.

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